Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cleaning up..

So I was thinking about this new year, and wondering what kind of year I'll have. A year with changes, but for me, that's pretty much par for the course. Having a new baby will do that, of course, but I know other things will change too.

I want to make some changes regarding my house, and how it flows. We have a formal dining room and a living room, that are connected through an archway (but have doors that close in each room to the rest of the house). They are filled with big windows.. and awkward spaces, lol! I think I want to switch them around -- put the living room where the dining room is, and vice versa. Maybe add a low dresser for craft/school/office supplies (to keep them out of little hands!) and a media cabinet that locks would be awesome too. We have a piano I would love to use more, but where it is right now just isn't working for me.

I also want to reorganize my kids' playroom. The toy storage situation just is NOT working and I'm so freaking tired of seeing the floor literally covered from one end to the next, where it's actually unsafe to let the baby in there. I know toys out everywhere is pretty much going to happen, but we need to do something different.. Maybe a dresser or cabinet that has doors? So that they aren't tempted to bring everything off the shelf all at once..

My husband thinks its the beginning of nesting stage, and it probably is. I am cringing everytime I see the dust bunnies and cobwebs, and I know there are a million toys reproducing under the furniture. My kids love their books too, and it's hard for them to keep them off the floor where their shelf is. Again, it's becoming a safety hazard.. I keep slipping on little kid picture books!

I want to rip all the wallpaper off the front entry way (I HATE!! Hate hate hate wallpaper! Whoever thought *that* was a good idea??) and repaint, so I'm dreaming of paint swatches and perusing decorating blogs. I so admire those women that can decorate, but every time I see a perfectly-put-together living room, with cushions on the couches and chairs and every side table filled with little decorative knick-knacks, I gotta think ... they don't have 2 yr olds, or if they do, they aren't allowed in that room. I can barely keep the sofa cushions on, let alone any throw pillows. And throw pillows here live up to their name -- thrown!

What is it about a new year, a turning of the calendar page that makes people want to reorganize and re-evaluate? I always do, and its funny, I didn't think I was going to feel like this leading up to New Year's. But now that is actually is a new year, all I want to do is have a clean slate.. or at least a clean house!

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