Thursday, 10 January 2013

Girly gushiness and pregnant patters..

Yay! 27 weeks pregnant today. Only 13 weeks (give or take a month) to go. I say give or take a month, because there seems to be some confusion as to when this baby will actually come. According to my cycle, we should be due in the middle of March. The ultrasounds put us in the middle of April. My measurements put us at the end of March, beginning of April (in the middle of the other two)... so my thinking is that sometime around Easter, we'll be having a baby, LOL!

I love babies. They are adorable. They smell good (most of the time!) They cuddle and coo, and all they care is that they aren't tired or hungry or uncomfortable. So easy! At least for a few months, hehe. They are so small and cute and mmm I can hardly wait to meet this little girl.

One of my favorite things about having girl babies is I get to play dress up. Girls get frills and ruffles and lace and bows and sparkles and pretty colors. We can do hair and nails and even jewelry (still need to get my toddler's ears done! oy!) I love dressing my girls up to the T, with princess dresses, bows in their hair, their nails painted up pretty and sparklies in their ears, right down to the shoes! I love matching them, so they are all color coordinated -- makes it easy to keep track of them too!

Girls give me lots of chances to enjoy my girly side -- since I wasn't much of a "princess" when I was a child. I can't wait to show them how to wear make up, to have high heels and jewelry, to enjoy all things feminine! We're already trying to ease our oldest into the mindset of being presentable with proper behaviour that will be attractive at all times, with the idea that eventually she will be married.

We want to train our girls in godly womanhood, with the assumption that they will be married -- and that they need to remain pure until then! I want to prepare my girls for marriage, far beyond what I was prepared (or not prepared, as the case may be!). We plan on using purity rings to reinforce how special they are, and hope chests to keep the idea of right relationships in sight. I want to prepare them, not just physically or financially, with the right skills to run a home efficiently or tangible items to help get set up, but emotionally and spiritually, with the right attitudes towards marriage.

I want my girls to dream of romance, but be realistic about love. Love, especially in marriage, requires work! It's hard, sometimes. It is a constant choice to act loving, even when the warm fuzzy feelings have long since faded to cool hardness. It requires a commitment to remain faithful, not just physically, but to not check out emotionally, and just go through the motions.

But marriage isn't all about the hard work either. It should be about the warm fuzzy feelings and the fluttery anticipation and the excitement. I want my girls to know how to graciously accept a compliment, to respond warmly to romance, to enjoy being courted and wooed. Independence and strength are desirable in a woman, but so is the softness and vulnerability of being feminine. And marriage requires both.

So.. I have all girls! I hope to raise capable, attractive, strong, feminine, gentle, captivating women, who will go on to be living examples of what God created woman to be, in life, in love and in family.

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