Saturday, 12 January 2013

Happy mama .. happy home!

I found it! I found it! I found the stand I want for our tv. Nice and simple, just a low, two shelf stand, with a glass door over the shelves. I wanted a glass door so we can use the remote on the dvd player, without having to have the door open to little fingers and hands pushing buttons. I'm hoping to figure out a way to latch/lock it too, but I have yet to see it up close.  It was only $20 on Kijiji too! Well within my budget!

My dh wasn't all that happy with me when I told him we were picking it up today. He was all set to custom build something ...which meant that I wouldn't get it anytime soon! Getting him to finish a project is like pulling teeth!! He's been saying things like "need to modify" and "fix it to fit" but I think once it's in place, it will stay just fine, the way it is. I talked him into it by pointing out that you can't get a glass door and the hardware for glass doors for $20. Once he saw it, he was a whole lot more comfortable, and as I said, once it's in place, I think he'll be happier too.

Next on my list is to source out a dresser of some kind. I want a solid wood one, preferably in the kind of shape that I won't feel bad about modifying it, because I want to turn it into a dress-up storage closet. Basically, take out the drawers and supports, refinish the frame, add a tension bar, and voila! Instant clothes storage. Depending on how it works out, I may look for another one for our entry way, for kids' coats and things. I can always add a curtain to hide the contents too, if I like.

I have dressers (from my girls' room) that I plan on repurposing downstairs in what will be our dining room/school room/craft room, to store all the various school and craft supplies we have, as well as some of the more educational toys. I want to move the current toy storage 9-cubby organizer shelf upstairs to their room for clothes storage, while moving in a toddler bed at the same time, since our 16 mo old will soon be joining her sisters. Not a moment too soon either -- she climbed out of her crib this morning, and took a big fall onto the floor!  I have bookshelves that I hope to have as actual bookshelves soon, depending on my dh actually completing the one project I do want him to get done: new dvd cabinets, to hang on the wall. Then I can put a lot of the school reading books on those, and my fiction/fun ones on the bigger shelves I have for them. I also want to add wall shelves for kids books in our play room, and perhaps, just maybe, free up another shelf for toy storage. Perhaps. That may be a bit adventuresome, as we have a lot, *a lot!* of kids books!

Books, books, books! My house is overflowing with books. Hehe, and I love it! We have cloth books for babies, board books for toddlers, picture books and sound books for preschoolers, picture books for beginners, first chapters for early readers, and great children's literature for my older child, along with my own collection of fiction, both classic and modern. I also have books on parenting, relationships, marriage, finances, theology, discipleship, organization.. all sorts of non-fiction topics. The funny thing is, my current library is what it is, but my to-read list? About 3 times as big! And growing!

Back to reorganizing. I cannot wait to redo these rooms -- can you say nesting much? I need to sort out my kids' toys, and put them into meaningful categories, so I can create labels, and start training them to put it away better. I plan on switching my current dining/school room with what is now the living room, so I may have a few occasional tables put to better use soon. I also have some pieces going into storage, until we can refinish rooms to use them (we want to put in an office/adult craft room in our basement) and some things coming out of storage too. I'm really looking forward to the change! I think it will improve how the house works, and best of all -- everything will be finally cleaned! Again!

Clean house, happy mama, happy family, right? Remind me to take before and after pics and post them!

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