Friday, 11 January 2013

Help? Herbal home and medical musings..

I am anticipating tomorrow, because we have a Very Important Appointment. We have an interview appointment with a clinic, so hopefully the kids and I will have a family doctor. We haven't had a family doctor in over two years now, because there is such a shortage of general practitioners in this area. Heck, in all of Canada! I'm grateful my kids have had a pediatrician, especially my two who *need* a ped, but right now, where we're living, it's an hour and a half drive to take them to the pediatrician.. which means, because I don't drive (don't have my license/have had eye infections/poor vision/pregnant/nursing/etc), my dh has needed to take a day off work, pack all 4 kiddos up, with all their assorted gear, snacks, bottles, sippies, diapers, etc, drive to the office, wait for 20-30 min, (even if we're there only 5 min before the scheduled appointment) and see the doctor for all of 5-10 min... oy! Makes me tired just thinking of it. And now with a 5th one on the way, I'm very anxious to have this appointment go right.

Why in the world is there such an issue getting a doctor? You'd think, with 4 children (soon to be 5), with 2 of them "special needs" -- one considered having a developmental disability -- and 2 ages 2yrs and under... we'd have no issues getting medical care. But there are 50 000 people in this metropolitan area without regular care, so well.. we're generally healthy, and I guess not high priority.  But 50k population without regular care means clogged emergency rooms and walk-in clinics that are overworked and stressed out! So getting even the most minor thing checked out is almost more hassle than its worth.

So we do like a lot more people seem to these days. We take care of the minor things ourselves. We use home remedies, try to improve our nutrition and watch what we eat, get regular exercise and enough sleep (try doing that with little ones that still get you up several times a night, lol!) and use over the counter medicines to self-treat in hopes that "that pain" isn't really anything serious.

One of my new passions now is finding out more about herbal remedies and essential oils. I've been passively searching out info, which, frankly, is confusing and overwhelming at times. There are sooo many different herbs and each one seems to have a dozen different applications, potions and preparations, not to mention names. I have progressed as far as to try to grow a few here at home (though I have yet to grow anything indoors successfully! LOL). I have a mint plant that seems to be pretty hardy, no matter how tough the winter, and I have a sage plant that also seems to be survival-oriented, no matter what I do (or don't do) to help it. But I've tried to grow basil and oregano, parsley and thyme and.. well.. the leaves scattered on my window sill speak for themselves.

What I'd love to find is a class I could take that would go step-by-step through the different most commonly used/needed plants and show me how to do this. Maybe I'll do it myself and post it -- start with identification, how to grow, how to prepare for use, and what to use it for. Hmm.. on my list would probably be lavender, mint, chamomile, sage, rosemary, basil, oregano and thyme to start with. Any others?


  1. Hi! I found this essential oil "beginner" set on amazon recently. ( On the back of each oil it lists common uses for the oil, to avoid if you are pregnant (I'm still nursing our 1 year old, so I avoid peppermint because it can decrease your milk supply). I LOVE these. I use them on both my kids, ages 1 and almost 6. Hope this helps you. We, too, just found a family doctor, after not having one for 3 years. I only take the kids if they are sick, and the essential oils have really helped limit our visits. Good luck! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I'm in Canada, so things on don't always work for me, but I will definitely check it out.