Monday, 7 January 2013

Random ramblings

First day of school!! Went great.. lol, now I feel like I should wait for the other shoe to drop. L did great with her new books, and seemed to really enjoy some of the new stuff we got for this semester. And Z and H were awesome with preschool. Kept asking for more, and were they ever excited over some of the little activities I had them do.

I'm using a new planner/chore organizer too. It is a daily check-off thing, which is exactly how my brain works. Found it at ($14!! and there are coupons available at for $2 off it too!), so we'll see how it works long-term. So far, I'm liking. Space to put dinner plans, add extra chores/errands/special events in each day, even a reminder to take my vitamins and drink more water... haven't managed that yet, but I like the reminder.

I'm using Homeschool Tracker (downloadable program) to keep track of school stuff for L. I used a binder/notepad last year, but so far this is working. I may go back to last years tactic, simply for the ease of planning, but I kinda like being able to print off a day at a time, and not have to flip through a subject section to find the next assignment. Imputing was a bit of a pain, but I can definitely see the plus in getting reports and things out of it.

I'm beginning to ruminate about having a family closet. Where all the clothes are in one place, and everyone goes to the same room(s) to get dressed, and laundry is all in the same spot too. I dunno if it would work here, since in order to have laundry facilities, it would have to be in the basement, and I'm just thinking that's too cold a place to get dressed and too damp to store clothes long-term. I love the idea behind it, but perhaps not now or here.

My new favorite site is She's a mom who is a diy-er, and plans and builds furniture! I've seen crafters and seamstresses, decorators and scrapbookers, but some of her stuff looks downright professional. Bonus? She publishes a lot of her step-by-step plans online free. Complete with dimensions, materials and diagrams. I love it, and I so want to make some of her stuff. It looks awesome.

I just wish she had plans for a triple bunkbed. I was looking at my little girls' room today, trying to picture toddler bed in with the bunks, and realized that there's no way we're getting another twin in there with the bunkbeds. Just not happening. So we will need to get a triple, I think, but triples tend to be really tall dimension wise, and really expensive. With our income the expensive part already puts it out of our reach, but even if money were no object, how do you get around slanted ceilings and lack of wall space, and young kids and height?? I've seen a triple I love (can't find it now for the life of me! lol!) where it was lower to the ground, yet each bunk seemed to have plenty of space, and it had stairs instead of a ladder. It looked really cute. The middle bunk was perpendicular to the upper and lower, which were parallel. L-shaped bunks we could do, I think.

So many things to think about when you have kids. I love it! I'm having so much fun -- I'm not sure there's a corporate career that would compare to the endless variety, challenge and sheer work having a larger family involves, or that would be as satisfying as a toddler falling asleep in your arms or the sticky kisses of your 2 yr old or the cheery "good-morning" from your preschooler.. Life is beautiful, is it not?

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