Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Rearranging and relationships

I was discussing my plans to rearrange my house (switch three rooms around) before our baby comes, and we nearly got into a major fight. Of course, with us, that's typical. But I think most of his problem wasn't with my plans but being overwhelmed with the changes, and not being able to see it.

I had brought up the idea of changing around what is currently our dining and living rooms a few months ago, and his reaction was typical == absolutely not! LOL. I began throwing ideas out for the last couple of weeks, and slowly he's been coming around. Now he's the one who is bringing up benefits of switching them around and asking me where I want things, and what I want here or there. It always takes some time for him to come around, but he usually does.

Now he's getting really helpful in discussing things to help out with our storage/organization issue. One of our issues is that our toddler is currently using the room we have set up as a nursery, and we will have to switch her to a toddler bed in with her sisters. However, that room is smaller, and already has bunkbeds and two dressers in it. I was having a hard time figuring out how we were going to fit a toddler bed + dresser/shelving unit in that already cramped space. Leave it to the man.. He asked me what we were going to do with a nine-cubby shelving unit currently used as toy storage in our playroom, as I wanted to switch all the toys to cabinets with drawers or doors. (In hopes to tame the "everything on the floor" mess we currently deal with!) He gave me a great idea. We'll put that in the girls' room, to use for their clothes, and take the two dressers currently there out, to use as craft and toy storage. Saves me from having to find new furniture for cheap/free, and solves the problem of space in that room.

So now all I really need to get is an old solid wood (preferably) dresser I can remake into a wardrobe for dress-up clothes (a la pinterest board) and perhaps another bookshelf, and some media cabinets for our movies and things. There are a couple other things I'd like -- another play table for the playroom, and some storage carts on weeks, along with a train trundle -- but not absolutely necessary for storage.

I'm really glad he's getting on board, as.. well who gets to do all the heavy lifting? Can't be me -- I'm carrying a baby, and this one seems to be giving me more braxton-hicks contractions than the others, earlier than the others too. I'm kind of concerned about early labour symptoms really. But anyways, I need him to be ok with this so he will make the changes I want.

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