Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Around the World in Love

Tonight was our church's midweek service night, and I volunteer with the children's program. Tonight was a party night. We were going "Around the World in Love", with a mission focus. It was a lot of fun to plan and prepare for. One of the things we did was give each child a "passport" as their invitation.

What do you think? I found them on, and they worked great! When we signed the kids in tonight, I stamped each passport with a "date of arrival", just as if they were at an airport. Then I directed them to the room our opening activities were in. .

As an added effect, I made "stamps" for each activity we were doing tonight, (snack, story, game) and assigned the activity/room to be in a different country. Each stamp then was their stamp of arrival. Well, since I couldn't actually provide the stamps and ink, I made stickers. I probably could have printed them on labels,  but we wanted them to be different shapes and sizes. Do they make labels in circle form? 
Anyways, I just made the stickers from scratch. Another mom from my church had this great recipe to make a sticker using jello. And it worked awesomely! 
First, take 2 tbsp of flavored gelatin  -- the only flavor I had in the house was "Margharita". LOL, at least it was tropical! -- and dissolve in 4 tbsp of hot water.

With a paint brush, paint the backs of your stickers (precut, of course) until they are wet. It was best to use a lined cookie sheet to let them dry on, as they will stick to just about anything while wet! I used parchment paper, but I imagine wax paper would work even better. 

When they were all dry, which took a few hours, btw, I peeled them off, and stored them in plastic bags to transport and hand to each leader of each activity. They in turn gave each child a sticker-stamp at the end of their activity, to "lick and stick" into their passport. 

They look sooo cool!! And the kids thought the flavor was yummy too!

We also raised money for Project Seedbag, a program that sends Christian discipleship tools into schools in other countries, as well as trains teachers on how to teach it, and provides each child in the program with a discipleship workbook, a New Testament, school supplies and a toy, all in a neat canvas backpack.  Check it out at -- what's really neat about this program is that it is fully supported and welcomed by the governments of these countries. Imagine what would happen to a country in 10 years, if every child that went to school was taught about the love of Jesus at some point in their education! Transformation, I believe.. And an awesome way for us to really send God's love "around the world".

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