Saturday, 9 February 2013

Connecting the dots..

Crazy weather people! In Canada here, I guess we're used to a snowstorm, but oy, seeing some of those reports from the US makes me wonder where y'all go with all that!? We got a nice amount of snow here, about 25 cm (10" for you imperial folks), which makes me wish I could take the kids out in it to romp. However, at 8 months pregnant, moving around the house with clear floors is hard enough sometimes, let alone trying to keep track of 4 kids in deeper snow...

The man here has been working looong shifts -- he's a snowplow operator, on call -- which means that both of us are tired people. Him because he works nights and worked almost 30 hours out of 48, and me because guess who gets to solo parent for a bit? Nap time has become my best friend again.. not just because of a noise break, but because I actually get to sleep too!

Last night, since I was by myself and the kids were in bed.. ahhh, peace!.. I did some thinking and planning for this blog. It's fairly random, but I do have some topics I want to explore more in writing here. Things like  having a larger family with lots of little ones (and no big ones to help!) since there doesn't seem to be much out there like that.. lol, hmm I wonder why? Probably because when you have lots of littles and little help, it can be hard to carve out a few minutes to sit down and write. And also probably because a lot of those families who were once in that stage were there when blogging was brand new and not at all popular. Perhaps some thoughts on parenting, because I have children!, lol, homeschooling (since we do and have since "birth"), including how we do it when I'm pregnant or nursing (or both!!) frequently, and maybe some thoughts on family planning, or lack of it as the case may be, since we have had a number of children closely spaced, and all the details related to that, like organization and routines and schedules and all the other sanity savers I've gleaned from experience and moms who've "been there, done that, wish-I-did-this-then" -- all of these may come up and more. Also may include topics such as my faith and its practical-living-out, and maybe even on marriage and relationships, though I do not claim to be an expert there!

Lots of things to explore. But life's like that. Everything we do is related to everything else. I mean, my faith influences my parenting choices and philosophy, which is in part why we homeschool, which affects our daily routines and schedules, which changes with each new child, which affects my marriage and parenting choices, which describe my faith lived out loud.. there is no dividing line between one and the other, no matter what my written out schedule tries to tell me. We can block out periods of time to prioritize a particular area of life on paper, but real life means that trying to have a conversation with one's husband may be sidetracked by answering your grade-schooler's question in spelling which in turn may be interrupted by a diaper change, which may result in needing to empty the garbage, while re-directing the toddler away from it and correcting the preschooler who put her toys there, and breathing a prayer for more patience, and then needing to write down garbage bags on the shopping list, which reminds you that you still haven't finished the history book list you were working on in the first place before you started talking to your husband... Maybe its just me??

Anyways, the point of this random rambling post is that I have lots of ideas, and hopefully experiences that will help others out there, or at least provide a laugh or two and show a few moms they aren't the only ones.. lol or maybe I'm the only one, and you aren't as bad as I am!

Enjoy and feel free to send me ideas, questions or comments..

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