Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bad days and Good days..

I have a cold. A middlin one.. not a bad one. I'm only slightly congested, I sneeze a little bit, not frequently, and about the worst symptom for me is the headaches I seem to get more often. Probably due to my sinuses..  It isn't enough to stop me, but just enough to slow me down a bit.

Life as a single parent doesn't allow time to get sick. There's no one else to cover for you, so you can spend a day in bed. Bad day, good day.. it doesn't really matter, when there's kids to be fed and changed and cleaned up after and put to bed and cuddled, and you're the only grown up around.

It's a whole lot easier when you're having a good day. On the days that you feel energetic and productive, and you get three loads of laundry done, and read stories to the kids for an hour, and made a three course meal to boot -- it's a whole lot more enjoyable being the only adult around.

On the bad days, you may end up on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn (that your kids eat 3/4's of), and the kids may not actually get dressed, and supper consists of cereal and juice.. and you let them watch movies or play computer games all day, and you surf Facebook on your phone, and ignore the fact that your toddler just spilled the cat's water -- again.

Most days aren't either. Most days aren't horribly bad.. nor are they the amazing "where's-my-super-mom-cape" days either. Most days, I wake up and hit the ground running. The kids are dressed and fed, the cat's water is cleaned up and refilled, and the laundry may actually make it into the dryer, at least. I can usually read at least one story too, most days. And if supper is chicken nuggets and fries, a few cut up veggies will usually show up too, as a token towards actual nutrition, and I comfort myself knowing I remembered their vitamins that morning.

Every once in a while, my day is memorable. But most days, it's such a blur, that between untangling the baby, chasing the toddler, refereeing the preschooler and kindergardener, and dealing, yet again, with my preteen's attitude.. I don't remember much.

They say to treasure each moment. I simply try to make it through the moments. I think if I were to stop and think about what I'm doing every day, I'd panic and be overwhelmed. But who has time to stop and think?

On with the show!

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