Thursday, 24 April 2014

Not raising children..

I have spent time recently pondering what exactly I am doing here. I'm a parent, a mother of many, I'm a homeschooler, I'm a housekeeper and homeowner, I am a business builder and team member, I am a child of God. I wear many hats and have many roles.

In my business, we focus on goal setting and planning. In homeschooling and housekeeping, I won't get much done without a plan and a schedule. My life has a purpose and a plan, says God's word. And in parenting.. there is a goal as well.

Parenting is defined as the raising of children. Except.. I don't know that "children" is my end goal. I'm not raising children.. at least, that's not what I want to end up with when I'm done this work of parenting. I want to raise adults. Grown women who are certain of their purpose, secure in their identity and sure in their understanding of God's plan for them.. that is my goal.

This may be purely a matter of semantics. But I recently did a study on the power of words, and really, words are more powerful than we tend to remember. Words brought the world into existence, and the Word says that the tongue has the power of life and death. So when I say I'm raising children.. I may be doing damage to my goals here.

I'm not raising children. At least, that shouldn't be where the period is in my sentence. I'm raising my children to be.. lovers of God not of man, responsible, educated adults able to make decisions and be independent and think for themselves, women of prayer and faith and grace who value choice and are strong enough to admit when they need help.

I'm not raising children. I'm raising the next generation of citizens, whose choices will shape not only the communities around them but extend the kingdom of God further, whose talents and gifts will show God's love and mercy and grace to the world, whose skills and hearts and hands will demonstrate the power of God to change the world.

God has a plan for me, and part of that plan includes these children. They may be children now, but they will not stay children. They will grow physically and mature into biologically adult members of society. It is my job to make sure that as their bodies grow, their minds and hearts also grow into maturity, that they will act the adults they will appear to be.

God has a plan for each of these children.. but it does not include them staying children. Part of my job is to train them to follow His plan for their lives, into growth and maturity, not just as physical adults but in their Christian faith as well.

I'm not raising children. I'm raising up a banner for Jesus, I'm raising world-changers, I'm raising kingdom-builders.

They may be children now, but they won't stay this way. Because I'm not raising merely children, I'm raising women warrior for God.

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