Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Provided proof

Sometimes I forget just how much my God loves me. I get all worked up and stressed out and fretful. It impacts my sleep, my mood, my productivity and my relationships. Thank goodness God is patient with me, because I'm sure He just smiles and tells me again that He has a plan for this yet too.

So last fall, my townhouse rental began having flooding issues. It began in late October, with a big rain storm that dumped inches and inches of rain on this area, and my basement flooded. Then it flooded again a week later. Then again.. and again. Over the course of November and December, I would have the basement floor covered in a couple inches of water 8 separate times. It was frustrating and alarming, especially since it didn't seem to matter what the property management company did, the problem never did get solved.

After the 8th flood in late December, I made the decision to move my little family. Since my lease was up, I gave my notice and started the search for a new place to live. Perhaps, my heart felt, we could get a house of our own? Maybe even with an extra bathroom, and a yard?

I looked at dozens of places. On the weekends my children spent with their fathers, I would set up as many appointments as I could. The rooms blended in together, and I was dizzy with the possibilities. After the first weekend, and viewing several places, I submitted an application. But no return call. So I did it again. Set up more appointments, viewed more potential rentals, expanded my search area -- even drove out of the city. I submitted a 2nd application. Again, nothing.

I was growing concerned. Our move-out date was fast approaching, and I still had no place to move my little family to. I was packing up boxes, wondering if I needed to start thinking of an alternative plan, in case we needed to be out without a home to move in to.

It was a spur of the moment thing, to be honest.  I saw the ad while waiting for another appointment, and I emailed. Surprisingly, I got a reply back right away. I set up the appointment for a little later that afternoon.  I had my children with me, and we drove over. I met the landlord, and left my children in my running van for the few minutes I walked over the very nice house. I happened to have my paperwork -- identity, proof of rental history, etc -- with me, as I had stuck it in my planner as I walked out the door that morning, not wanting to stop and put it away properly. So I showed it, and we began an email conversation. No real application, but more getting a feel for each other .. it was a different approach to renting, and I was beginning to feel hopeful.

After some more information, and back and forth, I got the email confirming the offer to rent the house. I am beyond excited to announce we are moving in just a couple of weeks from this posting. And God is sooo good. Not only does it hit everything on my wishlist (a house of my own, 2 bathrooms, a yard), but my children's list too! We have 4 bedrooms not just 3, we have space for a garden, and for things to play with, we have a playroom and storage and it isn't going to be wet. Plus.. and this is where God has given more than enough (again!) .. the landlord is a fire-station chief and his wife, which means that its safe, and more than safe, and inspected and certified safe.

Another example of how much God loves me, just how much He loves my children. He gives us what we ask for, and then He gives us what we need .. and then He gives again, just to show His love.

How great the Father's love for us.. 

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