Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter essences

This Easter happens to fall on a weekend that is bittersweet for me. Eight years ago, this was my wedding. In pondering the agonizing death of Christ, I am both reminded and sympathetic because of the agonizing death of my marriage. As the Scriptures say, He was tempted in all points, just as we are.

Unlike me, Jesus knew the path He was taking. Unlike me, He wasn't blind to the warnings and signs of His impending doom, but instead embraced them. What struck me recently was that He knew His betrayer.. and loved him anyway.  He knew that His closest friends were going to abandon Him, and yet He held them closer, even taking the role of the slave to wash the crud off their feet.
I don't know that if I understood the price, that I would have walked down that aisle.  I don't regret it, because I wouldn't have my children if I hadn't,  but if I'd had the same foreknowledge Jesus did,  I think I would have run away.

It makes the whole season more astounding. That He would knowingly,  willingly, even eagerly go to the cross.. it amazes me the depth of love that requires. I realize just how little I understand that love, let alone reflect it.

Tomorrow is Resurrection Day. Oddly enough, it falls on my anniversary. From the death of the hopes and dreams of a nation for their earthly messiah came salvation for the entire world. The real Messiah wasn't a king for a time, but the King of kings for eternity,  and He put it aside to claim flesh and blood, just to be murdered. 

I wonder what resurrection will happen in my life. It's been 3 years since my marriage ended. The dreams I had have died and been buried. There has been blood, and grief, and despair. 
Friday... but Sunday is coming.

Resurrection is coming.

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