Monday, 14 March 2016

Moving and miracles

I'm so excited to share our new house.  These are pictures taken during our move:

From this gorgeous kitchen to patio doors opening onto a huge backyard:
To a large living area, and 4 bedrooms!!

The lady that showed me the house told me they would get back to me as to whether they would rent it to me. They didn't take a formal application, but I did offer proof of rent paid (courtesy of my previous rental) and, upon request, a "letter of good standing" from my bank. (That was a bit of a surprise, and even my bank manager had to google it, but apparently it is a letter from the bank stating that you have had bill payments go through with no "NSF"s or bounced checks, and that all credit accounts are in good standing. It's a free version of a kind of credit report.)  

I almost didn't believe it was true. It wasn't until I signed the lease and sent my deposit and first month's rent payment to my new landlords that I finally relaxed. 

Moving went as smoothly as could be expected. We moved in March 1, and we've been settling in ever since.  I've been finding that we have more space here than I ever expected. I've been thrilled with how easily we've settled in. Every single morning I wake up in my new house, and I just lay there and give thanks for how blessed we are. 

Just another way God loves us. 

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